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VIP Protection

Commuting VIPs are most vulnerable due to terror, crime and espionage.

Our escort vehicle is featured with all the electronic means to block transmissions, deactivate roadside bombs, eliminate communication interception, while allowing smooth and seamless connectivity between the VIP and security.


Our specially designed caravan escort vehicle is equipped with advanced blockers against espionage and improvised explosive devices.

With the numerous threats that high profile individuals face on a daily basis, it is important to stay protected no matter the situation. GDIS technology provides numerous resources that are applicable to any vulnerability a VIP may face.

Modern bodyguards are much more than muscles and guns. Because most of the risks today are technology-driven, the Team has to be prepared to handle espionage, eavesdropping, interception and blocking of VIP communication. GDIS will train the security staff on proactively overcoming such risks.

Experienced Leadership
Bodyguard Tech Training

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