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Crypto Communication

How can GDIS Crypto Communication and Diamantaire Shield help you?

GDIS Cyber-Diamantaire Shield

Diamond merchants today are not safe even at the Diamond Exchange vicinity. You are targeted by criminals, terrorists, kidnappers, ransom seekers, industrial spies, competitors and identity thieves. 


You, your family and personnel are more vulnerable outside your comfort zone, while commuting by foot, car, chartered jets, hotels, lounges and third-parties’ locations.

IMSI Catcher Blocker

Detects, localizes, and neutralizes nearby IMSI Catchers:

  • IMSI Catchers are a threat to any human being, as such devices can capture data from any cellular phone within a 5 miles radius, including location, conversations, chats and contacts.

  • IMSI Catchers are being used by Law Enforcement Agencies, spies and investigators.

  • Our proprietary IMSI Catcher Blocker is the solution to eliminate this threat.

  • Protects government buildings, embassies, military, critical infrastructure, and cities.

  • Complemented by Oversight intrusion detection system.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Industrial espionage evolved a lot in the past decades with the shrinking size of spy gear and proliferation of telecommunication channels. GDIS TSCM suite is the ideal countermeasure against espionage, terror and crime. Customizable inspections, tools, jammers, blockers.

For more information on GDIS Crypto Communication click here

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