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GDIS - Cyber Shield

The proliferation of computing and telecommunication has made our lives much more comfortable. At the same time, it is much easier for criminals and rivals to spy on you. GDIS is constantly monitoring and mapping the cyber-security risks.

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Secured Communication



Cyber Challenges


VIP Convoy

Commuting VIPs are most vulnerable, due to terror, crime and espionage.

Our escort vehicle is featured with all the electronic means to block transmissions, deactivate roadside bombs and eliminate communication interception, all while allowing smooth and seamless connectivity of the VIP and security personnel.

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GDIS Cyber Aviator is designed to protect your most valuable assets.

Our state-of-the-art strategies and solutions for the aviation industry are:

  • Clear Aircraft:                      Assuring an eavesdropping-safe airplane

  • Crypto Communicator:     Secured encrypted calls, chats & data

  • Counter Measurements:  Technological anti-espionage tools (TSCM)

  • Business Intelligence:       Risks analysis with Actionable Intelligence

  • Telecom Hardening:           Securing your devices into military-grade resiliency 

  • Incident Response:                Policies, actions and escalations in crisis situations

Clear Rooms

Whether you are gathering for a formal or informal meeting, your rivals are on guard. Using modern miniature devices, they can place microphones, bugs, spy-cams and monitor electronic, electromagnetic and voice without even accessing the perimeter.


GDIS solutions are ideal for board and executive rooms dealing with classified information.

The system eliminates the eavesdropping risks by:

  • Bug Sweep: from electronics- voice, audio, electromagnetic, recorders and transmitters.

  • Activation of noise blocker.

  • Elimination of any transmission signal from the Room.

It is highly recommended to professionally scan meeting rooms and surroundings periodically and upon replacement of executives or visits of guests and technicians.


The same services are also applicable for hotel rooms, lounges, conference centers, residencies, planes and yachts. 

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Crypto Communicator

Usage of cellular communication is part of our daily life. Practically all of our assets are in a phone or reachable by the device. This concentration of information is facing major risks, such as:

  • Intrusion

  • Hacking

  • Attacking

  • Eavesdropping

  • Manipulation

  • Hostile takeover



GDIS Crypto-Com is the most robust end-to-end encrypted and secured mobile communication.

Crypto-Com is fully proofed against: jamming, interception, IMSI Catcher, location, remote takeover and physical manipulation.

The phone will shield your valuable assets (voice, chat, SMS, data) using top-level military standards: secured and encrypted phones, non-VoIP, with fallback communication via non-cellular networks.

GDIS Crypto-Com has been developed thanks to our in-depth knowledge in counter crypto-warfare, encryption, rugged hardware, telco infrastructure and proprietary cyber technologies.

Ideal for: Heads of States and inner circles, law enforcement, armed forces, Intelligence, taxation and anti-crime/terror/cyber/money laundering agencies, VIPs, bankers, top accountants and lawyers, multi-nationals, HNWI, celebrities.

  • Cloning

  • Chip-set reading

  • Networks

  • Devices

  • Apps

  • Operating systems

  • Messages (1 & 0 Clicks)

What makes our Crypto Communicator so robust and secured?

6 encrypted layers

  • Hardware

  • Software

  • Firmware

  • Operating System

  • Database

  • GUI

Device Capabilities

  • Full 2G/3G/4G coverage

  • Device to Device & End to End Encryption

  • Narrow bandwidth


  • Private, Independent Network

  • Baseband Comm. firewall

  • Network overland proof

  • non-VoIP


  • Takeover Proof

  • Undetectable

  • Anti-IMSI Catcher

Home and Family

Just like the office, your residencies must be secured to protect your family members, valuables, assets, documentation and data stored in your home devices.

Hackers may try to identify breeches in your security via the family, smart-home appliances and service personnel that are less aware of the needed level of security.

In effect, you must order a periodical proper sweeping of the house and vicinity, identify and certify any signal, and provide family/staff with secured tools, passwords and training.

VIP Protecion

GDIS VIP-Cyber Shield secures Your Most Precious Assets.


VIPs today are not safe, even at home. They are targeted by criminals, terrorists, kidnappers, ransom seekers, industrial spies, competitors and identity thieves. 


You and your family are vulnerable, especially outside your comfort zone, while commuting in chartered jets, yachts, hotels, lounges and third-parties’ locations.


GDIS Cyber-VIP is designed to technologically protect you, your family and most valuable assets in such situations. Our state-of-the-art strategies and solutions for Very Important Persons are:

  • Clear Aircraft:                      Assure an eavesdropping-safe airplane

  • Crypto Communicator:     Secured encrypted calls, chats & data

  • Counter Measurements:  Technological anti-espionage tools (TSCM)

  • Business Intelligence:       Risks analysis with Actionable Intelligence

  • Telecom Hardening:           Securing your devices with military-grade resiliency 

  • Incident Response:                Policies, actions & escalations in crisis situations

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GDIS Forensic Lab is the most technologically advanced facility. It is capable of extracting, restoring and retrieving data from virtually any mobile phone, storage device or computer.

This state-of-the-art lab can examine your devices for any malware and spyware, cleanse the equipment and install counter-measurements for future data security.

Our portable equipment can also analyze and detect any spy gear in your own facilities, residences, cars, offices, jets and hotel rooms.

A periodical revision of your devices' cyber-health will keep hackers, spies and criminals away from your valuable assets.


Our lab is in a secured  location and is used by governments, intelligence agencies, corporations and HNVI.

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GDIS is committed to providing you the highest peace of mind,keeping your privacy and confidentiality. Anytime. Anywhere.


Your Confidential and Trusted Advisor

Lt. Col. David Rom

CEO, GDIS Cyber Intelligence


Cyber Electronic and Warfare Expert

  • Cyber Crime

  • Cyber Security

  • Cyber Intelligence

  • Technology-based Warfare


IDF Senior Commander (Res)

  • Cyber

  • Intelligence

  • Technology & Electronic Warfare

  • Elite Forces



  • Governmental, Military

  • International corporations

  • banking, financial

  • telecom, oil, etc.


Highest Accreditations

  • Electronic engineer, cyber engineer

  • Certified CEH, CISSP, CISM, CCSK, CDPSE CISO, DPO, Crypto & Telecom

  • TSCM - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Realtime Cyber Threats 



MAIL: P.O.B. 15522 Bet-Zait, ISRAEL, 9081502
LABS: 19 sheizaf , Even-Yehuda

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